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Aodelan Pebble Wireless Shutter Remote Release Review

The first thing about the Aodelan Pebble is its slick, simplistic design. The remote has two buttons. One is the shutter release, and the other is a timer. Half-pressing the shutter release will focus on the subject, and a full press will take the photo.

The setup was straightforward enough: attach the receiver to the hot shoe mount on my Sony A73, connect the cable, and turn on the power button until the green light starts flashing and it is ready to go. You will need two AA batteries for the receiver; the CR2032 battery for the transmitter is included. 

I have tried so many times to focus on the Sony Imaging Edge app and have concluded that it is useless. I have never gotten it to focus correctly with self-portraits, so I was sceptical when buying this little device.  

However, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the Aodelan Pebble. Upon first taking a self-portrait of myself with my 50mm, I zoomed into the eyes, and sure enough, they were in focus.

The only negative I can think of is that because this attaches to the hot shoe mount, I will not be able to attach flashes to the A73, so I will have to use the Pebble in well-lit environments. Otherwise, I would need a hot shoe adapter. 

If you are looking to take self-portraits on your Sony A73, then I think the Aodelan Pebble Wireless Shutter Remote is necessary. It is a big step up from the Sony Imaging Edge App, and at a price of just €41, you cannot go wrong. 

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