Stay Focused


Capture the essence of determination and triumph with our exclusive “Stay Focused” Canvas, featuring an iconic moment in sports history: the legendary Michael Jordan sinking a heart-stopping buzzer-beater shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This awe-inspiring image immortalizes the Chicago Bulls’ remarkable victory, clinching a series triumph with a nail-biting 101–100 win.

Don’t settle for ordinary decor. Embrace the spirit of determination and success with the “Stay Focused” Canvas.

symbol of relentless focus and unwavering commitment. Elevate your surroundings and harness the winning mindset that propels champions to victory. Order now and let the legend of Michael Jordan inspire you to stay focused on your journey to greatness.

  • Printed using genuine, long-lasting HP Pigment inks
  • Printed in our studio in Monaghan Town, Ireland
  • Hanging kits are supplied

12 x 16 Inch Poster, 16 x 20 Inch Poster, 12 x 16 Inch Canvas, 16 x 24 Inch Canvas, 20 x 30 Inch Canvas

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