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Decorating your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating your children’s bedroom allows them to have a space that reflects their personality and interests. This can give them a sense of ownership over their space, which can be important for their self-esteem and confidence. You could gradually advance from cute animals and alphabets to Disney princesses, superheroes, and other things.

Below we have listed some ideas for each age group that might help you in deciding in what to hang on your child’s wall.


For babies, soft and soothing colours, patterns, and shapes are ideal. Posters that display the child’s initial are popular as well as canvas art with cute animals, flowers, or clouds.


For toddlers, learning the alphabet and numbers can be fun with colourful and creative wall art. Toddlers are fascinated by the world and have fantastic imaginations. Posters of space, dinosaurs, and cute animals are a great choice for this age.

Superheroes, Princesses and Farms

Tractors such as John Deere, Deutz Fahr Massey Ferguson and have always been very popular in Ireland so we have a collection of these.

Marvel and DC superheroes are the most common sources of inspiration for kids, therefore it makes sense that superhero-themed kids’ room designs are becoming more and more popular. Captain America, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and Spiderman have always being popular in my house. Adding superhero-themed cushions, bedding, pillows, light fixtures, and children’s furniture will also liven up the space.

My little daughter, Emily has her room filled with Disney princess posters at the minute. Disney offers a huge cast of colourful characters, ranging from the classic Mickey and Minnie to princesses like Elsa, Anna, Aurora, and Rapunzel.

Older kids and Teenagers

For the teenagers, posters of their favourite bands, games, movies, TV shows or their favourite sports teams can be popular, I recently took home some Manchester United posters for my 11 year old son who wanted to get them up on the wall straight away while my 13 year old daughter recently asked me to make her some photo collages made up of photos from her iPhone.

Wall decor is a novel and creative option if you’re seeking for kids’ bedroom ideas that can assist incorporate some of the most treasured moments from your kids’ lives. But there’s more! Your possibilities are incredibly endless when it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms, The main thing is to create a warm and inviting area for your children to sleep, study, and play by selecting designs that best complement the interior of their rooms.

If you’re looking to decorate your child’s room, Design Gaff have a good selection covering every kind of wall decor to perfectly match your kid’s room design.

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